Special Issue: Contemporary Issue, Challenges and Innovation Regarding the Education, Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities.

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The Special Issue produced by the Journal of Namibian Studies - (ISSN online 2197-5523) aims to be available to an academic audience around the world regarding scholarly work and original research of high standards in English. The journal intends to be international in scope and papers accurately promoting universal concepts, theories, and points of view, less known in world literature, are especially welcome. This also applies to manuscripts authored by scientists from outside the core of the systems of world's socio-humanities, which give chances for direct discussion with no mediation of the core.

The journal publishes theoretical and methodological, as well as firmly theoretically based empirical papers that contribute to a cross-disciplinary debate. The philosophy of the journal is that good theories and strong methodologies are essential for successful practice. Critical texts, including articles reviews, are welcome. Both quantitative and qualitative texts are accepted for publication, based on either positivist or humanist methodology if they meet high standards of the scholarly peer-review.

  • Special issue objectives
  • Demonstrate modern practices in scientific research in the humanities and social sciences and their role in community service.
  • Illustrate the effects, reflections, and determinants in terms of human, social, legal, political, linguistic, educational, and technical aspects after recovery from the global health pandemic and try to find ways to remedy them.
  • Discuss the most important challenges and obstacles related to the present humanities and social sciences within the local, Arabic, regional, and global reality trying to face and find ways to address them.
  • Contribute to the intellectual proximity between researchers and the exchange of local and international experiences in the fields of humanities and social sciences.
  • Shed light on advanced scientific developments in the humanities and social sciences that blend reality with future solutions.
  • Look up close and far recent trends and challenges in the field of social sciences, humanities, and education.
  • Encourage the researchers to play a significant role in scientific and applied research in the field of humanities and social sciences in an accurate and broad manner.
  • Learn about the most important international and local practices in scientific research and their impact on societies.

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All contributions to this Research Topic must be within the scope of the Special Issue and journal to which they are submitted, as defined in their mission statements. The Journal runs special issues to create collections of papers on specific topics. The aim is to build a community of authors and readers to discuss the latest research and develop new ideas and research directions. Special Issues are led by Guest Editors who are experts in the subject and oversee the editorial process for papers. Papers published in the Special Issue will be collected on a dedicated page of the journal website. For any inquiries related to the Special Issue, please contact the Editorial Office.


Effect of Chat GPT on the digitized learning process of university students

Alejandro Guadalupe Rincón Castillo, Giovanna Jackeline Serna Silva, Javier Pedro Flores Arocutipa, Haydeé Quispe Berrios, Marco Antonio Marcos Rodriguez, Guillermo Yanowsky Reyes, Hugo Ricardo Prado Lopez, Rosa Marina Vera Teves, Herbert Victor Huaranga Rivera, José Luis Arias-Gonzáles

Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Promoting Academic Integrity in Education: A Systematic review

Cándida Marcela Rodríguez Chávez, Ana Lucía Colala Troya, Carmen Rosa Zenozain Cordero, Lucy Marisol Guanuchi Orellana, Rogelio Domingo Cahuana Tapia, Oscar Eduardo Pongo Aguila, Luis Alvaro Castro Pérez, Abbon Alex Vásquez Ramírez, Christian Paolo Martel Carranza, Wily Leopoldo Velasquez Velasquez, José Luis Arias Gonzáles

Leveraging Green Human Resource Management and Organizational Culture in Performance

Sajeda Alma'abreh, Siti Nur ‘Atikah Zulkiffli, Nik Hazimah Nik Mat

Competitive Advantage as Mediating Between Green Behaviour and Performance in the Jordanian Banks Sector

Samer Al-Tarawneh, Mohd. Suhaimi Bin Shamsudin, Monizaihasra Bt. Mohamed, N Alia Fahada Binti W Ab Rahman, Mohd Shaladdin Bin Muda

Electronic Banking and its Impact on Job Security in Jordanian Banking Sector: Profitability is an Intermediate Variable

Fawzieh Mohammad Masad, Nour Ali Nussir, Fu’ad Al-Fakeh, Ali Abu Eid, Tamador Aldoulat, Ghaith Abdulraheem Alsheikh

Responsible State in Vietnam: Application of Aristotle's Political Thought

Trang Do, Duyen Nguyen Thi Thuy, Phuong Nguyen Thi Hong

The Moderating Role of Trade Shows Participation Cost Between Service Quality and Participant Loyalty: Findings from the Pilot Study

Feras Ahmad Alfukaha, Mohd Saiful Izwaan Saadon, Siti Falindah Padlee, Fu'ad Abdallah Al-Fakeh, Ghaith Abdulraheem Ali Alsheikh

Digital transformation and circular economy in universities

Lucy Marisol Guanuchi Orellana, Miguel Ángel Medina Romero, Guillermo Yanowsky Reyes, Franklin Surichaqui Gutierrez, Fredy Alberto Hernández Hernández, Aurelia Zavala Palacios, Giovanna Gutiérrez Gayoso, Isaac Merino Quispe, Heidy Margarita Rico Fontalvo, Fidencio Ore Cabrera, Mario José Vasquez Pauca, Christian Paolo Martel Carranza

The Role of Internal Marketing Practices in Moderating the Impact of Job Insecurity on Turnover Intention

Fu'ad Abdallah Al-Fakeh, Belal Mahmoud AlWadi, Varadaraj Aravamudhan, Ali Abu Eid, Nour Ali Nussir, Fawzieh Masa’d, Ghaith Abdulraheem Ali Alsheikh

Geographical analysis of the education workforce characteristics in the Najaf Governorate (2020-2021)

Rahim Mohammad abd Zaid Al -abdali, Sahar Abdul Hadi Hussein Al -Sharifi

Heavenly Recommendations about Moderation towards Humanity: Imām Al-Awzā’ī as a Model

Fatima Kassab Hmoud Al-Khalidi, Belal Abu Qadoom, Yousef Mohammed Al-Miani, Abdullah Taha Abu Shawer

The Scope of Parental Involvement as a Social Capital of Emirati Children: A Case Study

Sherin Alamassi, Zuhrieh Shanaa, Jihan Yousef, Sawsan Taha, Firas Tayseer Mohammad Ayasrah, Mohannad Alkhalaileh, Rami Abdallah

Impact of education digitalization and TIC in promoting social inclusion in universities

Rubén García Huamaní, Roxana Yolanda Castillo-Acobo, David Raul Hurtado Tiza, Juan Carlos Zapata Ancajima, Cándida Marcela Rodríguez Chávez, Giovanna Gutiérrez Gayoso, Víctor Chávez Centeno, Alberto Rivelino Patiño-Rivera, Struway Kevin Vargas Portugal, José Luis Arias Gonzáles, Mario José Vasquez Pauca

Artificial Intelligence application in Education

Roxana Yolanda Castillo-Acobo, David Raul Hurtado Tiza, Lucy Marisol Guanuchi Orellana, Betzy Zeytel Llerena Cajigas, Freddy Toribio Huayta-Meza, Crisostomo Quispe Sota, Gloria Irene Suaña Muñoz, Jesus Enrique Reyes Acevedo, Manuel Antonio Cardoza Sernaqué, Christian Paolo Martel Carranza, José Luis Arias Gonzáles

The Role of Business Incubators in Promoting Entrepreneurship of Higher Education Institutions

Firas Rifai, Hani Al-mimi, Mohammed Rasmi, Ali Aldahoud, Belal Mahmoud AlWadi

Facebook as a Platform for Integrating an Online Learning Task for English as a Second Language Students

Wiranya Sutthikun, Sarawut Chinapas, Hathairat Chaiyasat, Sujittra Hongyon

Putin's Claims on the War in Ukraine: A Pragmatic Study

Abbas Khantil Hassoon, Khalida H. Addai Al-Ghezzy

Implementation of Multicultural-Based Education Towards the Installation Of Moral Values in Early Children in Group B Bomba Kindergarten Kindergarten

Nurhayati, Durrotunnisa, Cucu Sopiah, Muhajir Abd. Rahman, Sitriah Salim Utina, Arizqi Ihsan Pratama, Djone Georges Nicolas, Uslan, Cittra Juniarni, Humaira Waromba, Nanda Saputra

Nexus among Service Quality and Participants Loyalty in Jordanian Trade Shows: A Mediated-Moderated Model

Feras Alfukaha, Mohd Saiful Izwaan Saadon, Siti Falindah Padlee, Fu'ad Abdallah Al-fakeh, Ghaith Abdulraheem Ali Alsheikh

Population Dynamics And Spawning Potential Ratio Of Banana Prawn (Penaeus Merguiensis) In Merauke Waters, Papua, Indonesia

Ali Suman, Ap’idatul Hasanah, Syahroma Husni Nasution, Habson Batubara, Prihatiningsih, Gatut Bintoro

"Woman In The Mortuary" Psychological Review

Dr. Rehana Kausar, Dr. Shaista Hameed Khan, Dr Aqsa Sajid

Altruism Behavior In The Midst Of A Student Moral Crisis

Hasudungan Simatupang, Sri Wahyuni, Herbin Simanjuntak, Muliani Zendrato, Henky M.P Sigalingging, Mehamad Wijaya Tarigan

Hybrid Learning In Cultural Dressing And Local Wisdom: Evaluation Of Reactions, Outcomes, Behaviors, And Impacts

Masniar Hernawati Sitorus, Rogate Artaida Tiarasi Gultom, Megawati Manullang, Lasmaria Lumban Tobing, Ivan Sianturi

Quality Assessment Of Automatic Paraphrasing Tool For English: An Analysis At Lexical Level

Zala Wahab, Liaqat Iqbal, Irfan Ullah, Rafiq Nawab, Ubaid Ullah Ubaid

An Extensive Survey on the Recent Applications of IoT in Rice Farming

Melanie M. Reynoso, El Jireh P. Bibangco, Cristina E. Dumdumaya

The Imbalance Between Overpopulation And Resources In Developing Countries: A Legal Study Of Pakistan In The Light Of Islam And Statistical, Administrative And Public Policy Perspective

Dr. Muhammad Umar Riaz Abbasi, Maryam Jamil, Dr. Syed Shameel Ahmed Quadri, Dr. Mazhar Hussain, Dr. Muhammad Zafar Iqbal Saeedi, Dr. Razia Shabana

The Evolution And Impact Of E-Commerce

Dr. Arti Sharma, Dr. Satish Kumar Mishra, Mr Vinay Kant Srivastav

Significance Of Vocabulary Learning For EFL Learners: A Review

Dr. Abdul Waheed Qureshi, Wajeeha Usman, Dr. Mahrukh Shakir, Shahzeb Khattak

“A Critical Study Of Misrepresentation Of Islam, Qur’an And Muslims In John Updike’s Literary Works”

Dr. Moazzam Nawaz Virk, Dr Imran Hayat, Mr. Muhammad Zahid Zaheer Iqbal, Mr. Manzoor Ali

From Europe To Ireland: Artificial Intelligence Pivotal Role In Transforming Higher Education Policies And Guidelines

Muhammad Irfan, Professor Dr. Liam Murray, Fahad Aldulayani, Dr. Sajjad Ali, Nadia Youcefi, Sana Haroon

Social Significance Of Religion: Religion And Social Life

Manash Pratim Goswami,, Lakhismita Mohan,, Angita Lama

Financial Indicators In Project Management Processes: A Bibliometric Review

William Niebles Nuñez,, John Arturo Buelvas Parra,, León Arango Buelvas

Analysis Of Mental Fatigue In Productivity

William Niebles Núñez,, John Arturo Buelvas Parra,, Claudia Rojas Martínez

Note On GST Applicability On Grant

Arvind Vijay,, Dr Subodh Shrivastav,, Dr Archana Sharma,, Dr Suman Paliwal

Rotten Fruit Detection Using Artificial Intelligence


Integrated Technologies For Proactive Bridge-Related Suicide Prevention

M.Srikanth,, Manikanta Sirigineedi,, Padma Bellapukonda,, Bhanurangarao M

Livestock Production Chains: Influence On The Social Dimension Of Sustainable Agricultural Development Huando, Huancavelica

Alberto Vergara Ames,, Raul Gómez Ccora,, Rene Antonio Hinojosa Benavides,, Uriel Rigoberto Quispe Quezada,, Joaquín Machaca Rejas,, Faviola Llacchua Quino,, Rodrigo Huamancaja Espinoza

Income Tax And Public Budget Tax Reforms

Vega Garcia Ambar Mariuxi,, Delgado Verónica del Carmen

Development Of A Predictive Model Of Automobile Accidents In The City Of Bogotá, Colombia

Fredys A. Simanca H.,, Fabian Blanco Garrido,, Lugo Manuel Barbosa Guerrero,, Alexandra Abuchar Porras,, Jairo Jamith Palacios Rozo

Challenges Of Women In Accessing Higher Education In India

Dr. Chittibabu Putcha,, Dr. Ranjit Kumar Elamadurthi,, Dr. Veerendra Matsaniya,, Dr. John Babu Koyye

Effective Strategies for the Implementation of ICT in the Classroom for Teaching History and Philosophy

Ballón Cusirramos, José Renato,, Alex Dueñas-Peña,, Ángel Saúl Díaz Téllez

Displacement And Identity Struggle In Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni’s Queen Of Dreams

K. Ravikumar,, Dr. M. Shajahan Sait,, Dr.Prabakar Kulandaisamy

State Sovereignty And Mining Concessions In Peru

Adderly Mamani Flores,, Javier Rubén Romero Cahuana,, Julio Fitzgerald Zevallos Yana,, Olimpia Tintaya Choquehuanca,, Huaracha Velasquez,, Edwin Alex Chambi Idme,, Duverly Joao Incacutipa Limachi

Legal And Islamic Approach Towards Women's Status And Empowerment Analytical Study Of Pakistani Society

Dr. Sardar Ali,, Dr. Muhammad Ismail,, Dr. Muhammad Baqar Khan Khakwani,, Dr. Muhammad Nasir Mahmood,, Dr. Nabeela Falak,, Dr. Mazhar Hussain

Marital Conflict Management And Normative Orientation Of Spouses And Their Family Reconciliators

Dr.Tayyaba Sohail,, Ms. Kiran Ikram,, Dr. Gull-i-Hina,, Dr. Asma Seemi Malik,, Amna Ilyas

The Seventh-Day Adventist Attitudes Towards Polygamy In Africa: A Nigerian Context

Emmanuel Orihentare Eregare, PhD,, Ndubuisi Martin Emereonye, PhD (Cand),, Kingsley Chukwuemeka Anonaba, PhD,, Chituru Udo Nwachukwu, PhD,, Olayiwola Enoch Oke, PhD,, Alexander C. Ugwukah, PhD

Ict Tools In Agriculture-A Study

Dr. Gonesh Chandra Saha,, Dr Christy Paulina J,, Dr.S.Maheswari

Relationship Of The Training Based On The Game Of The Simple Rotation In Indoor Soccer With The Completion In The Defense-Attack Transition