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Last date to submit: March 30, 2023

About the Special Issue

The Special Issue produced by the Journal of Namibian Studies - ISSN online 2197-5523 aims to be available to an academic audience around the world regarding scholarly work and original research of high standards in English. JNS is transdisciplinary and is the only academic journal that focuses on humanities and social sciences which is linked to history, politics and culture 

The journal intends to be international in scope and papers accurately promoting universal concepts, theories, and points of view, less known in world literature, are especially welcome. This also applies to manuscripts authored by scientists from outside the core of the systems of world's socio-humanities, which give chances for direct discussion with no mediation of the core.

The journal publishes theoretical and methodological, as well as firmly theoretically-based empirical papers that contribute to a cross-disciplinary debate. A philosophy of the journal is that good theories and strong methodologies are essential for successful practice. Critical texts, including articles reviews, are welcome. Both quantitative and qualitative texts are accepted for publication, based on either positivist or humanist methodology if they meet high standards of the scholarly peer-review.

Special issue objectives

  • Demonstrate modern practices in scientific research in the humanities and social sciences and their role in community service.
  • Illustrate the effects, reflections, and determinants in terms of human, social, legal, political, linguistic, educational, and technical aspects after recovery from the global health pandemic, and try to find ways to remedy them.
  • Discuss the most important challenges and obstacles related to the present humanities and social sciences within the local, Arabic, regional, and global reality trying to face and find ways to address them.
  • Contribute to the intellectual proximity between researchers and the exchange of local and international experiences in the fields of humanities and social sciences.
  • Shed light on advanced scientific developments in the humanities and social sciences that blend reality with future solutions.
  • Look up close and far recent trends and challenges in the field of social sciences, humanities, and education.
  • Encourage the researchers play a significant role in scientific and applied research in the field of humanities and social sciences in an accurate and broad manner.
  • Learn about the most important international and local practices in scientific research and their impact on societiesPeer Review Proces

The submitted articles must be ready for blind reviews and must bear no trace of the author’s identity. The initial selection of papers will be made by the Editor and the Editorial Board. Suggestions for revision will be sent to the authors of the papers recommended for publication after revision. We are proud of supplying our authors with substantial referee reports, subject to a turnaround time of about three months until the first decision. Accepted work is typically published within a determined period of acceptance.

  • Statement of Publication Ethics and Publication Malpractice

The Special Issue is committed to the academic community and the lay world in ensuring ethics in publication and the quality of articles in the publication. The plagiarism rate must be less than 15%  and is strictly condemned. Papers found to be plagiarized will be removed or not published in the Journal of Namibian Studies. While signing the publication agreement, the author(s) have to warrant that the article and associated materials are original and do not infringe on the copyright of anyone. Also, the authors have to warrant that there was a full consensus of all the authors and that the submitted work was neither submitted nor published previously.

  • Disclaimer

The opinions and ideas expressed in the Journal of Namibian Studies are solely those held by the authors and are not necessarily shared by the Publisher / Editor-in-Chief or Editorial Board or Editorial Advisory Board of the Journal. The Online Publisher (Editor-in-Chief) does not assume and hereby disclaims any liability to any party for any loss or damage resulting from the use of information on this Web site.

  • Important Note

All contributions to this Research Topic must be within the scope of the Special Issue and journal to which they are submitted, as defined in their mission statements. The Journal runs special issues to create collections of papers on specific topics. The aim is to build a community of authors and readers to discuss the latest research and develop new ideas and research directions. Special Issues are led by Guest Editors who are experts in the subject and oversee the editorial process for papers. Papers published in the Special Issue will be collected together on a dedicated page of the journal website. For any inquiries related to the Special Issue, please contact the Editorial Office.

  • Submission Guidelines

The template provided below gives detailed guidelines on how to prepare your manuscript for review. Please take time to read and follow all instructions carefully as this will help to facilitate the review and publication process significantly. Authors are strongly encouraged to proofread and edit their manuscripts before submission, keeping the citation and referencing style format (APA styles) on the template. In addition, pages must be less than 15 and plagiarism rate must be less than 15%.

  • Aims and Scopes

The journal is a peer-reviewed, international, and interdisciplinary journal publishing research articles and significant contributions to social sciences, humanities, and educational sciences. This includes Arts and Humanities (Multidisciplinary), Social Sciences (Multidisciplinary), History, Cultural Studies, Sociology, Political Science and Law, Education, Geography (Multidisciplinary), Fine Arts (Multidisciplinary), Communication and media, English as a Foreign Language (TESOL, EFL, ESP), Linguistics and Language, Psychology, Urban Studies, Planning and Development, Sport sciences (Multidisciplinary), Management, Administration, Information systems, Accounting, Economics, Finance, Business, Finance, Hospitality, Tourism and so on.

Guest Editor
Dr. Najeh Alsalhi

College of Education, Humanities and Social Science, Ajman University, UAE.

Editorial and Reviewer Board

Dr. Geraldine Torrisi
School of Information and Communication Technology, Griffith University, Australia.

Dr. Zahia Ouadah Bedidi
University Paris Cite, France.
Dr. Azhar Hussein Razuqi
Department of Applied Geography, College of Arts, University of Kirkuk, Iraq.
Dr. Maher Bahloul
Cornell University, USA.
Dr. Khaleel Alarabi
College of Education, Humanities and Social Science, Al Ain University, Al Ain, UAE.
Dr. Nagaletchimee Annamalai
College of Distance Education, Unviersiti Sains Malaysia, 11800 Penang, Malaysia.
Dr. Ahmed Hassan Hamdan
Department of Psychological Sciences, Faculty of Early Childhood Education, Assiut University, Egypt.
Dr. Salah Gad
College of Humanities and Science, Ajman University, Ajman, UAE.
Dr. Abderrahim Cheikh
Department of English language and literature, Kasdi Merbah University, Ouargla, Algeria.
Dr. Adel Moatamed
Geography Department, College of Arts, King Khalid University, Saudi Arabia.
Dr. Abdellateef Alqawasmi
College of Education, Humanities and Social Science, Al Ain University, Al Ain, UAE.
Dr. Ghaith Abdulraheem Ali Alsheikh
Business Administration Department, Business Administration, Human Resource Management, Amman Arab University, Jordan.
Dr. Lutfieh Rabbani
College of Education, United Arab Emirates University, UAE.
Dr. Basel J. A .Ali
Accounting and Finance Department, Applied Science University, Kingdom of Bahrain.
Dr. Noir Shahrzad
Department of Psychology, Clinical Clinical Psychology, Ouargla, Algeria, Algeria.
Dr. Sami Sulieman Alqatawneh
College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences, University of Sharjah, UAE.

Dr. Soumaya Abdellatif
College of Humanities and Sciences, Ajman, UAE.

Dr. Mohd. AL Taher
College of Humanities and Sciences, Ajman, UAE.

Contact email: [email protected]