Bambang B. Sulistyono Atik Budi Paryanti Niru Anita Sinaga Lindri Purbowati Rara Amalia Cendhayanie Sungkono Syamsunasir Selamat Luban Gaol


The people of Malaysia and Indonesia established kinship relations long before the two countries were formed which gave rise to similarities in culture, customs, and habits. However, in reality, the national perspective of each country is not always in line, thus triggering the ups and downs of bilateral relations between the two neighboring countries. Through this research, the examiners wish to gain a comprehensive understanding of the perspectives of the two countries' nationalities from geo-strategy, geo-economic aspects, socio-cultural geography aspects, as well as defense and safety aspects. . These aspects show a fairly high dynamic, as can be seen from the ups and downs of Indonesia-Malaysia relations between 1963 and 2010. To obtain an accurate analysis, data was extracted directly from leading information providers from both countries who have knowledge and experience. Knowledge of the object under study, such as former government officials who were involved in foreign activities, former soldiers who were directly involved in the confrontation and still have fresh memories of the war, as well as academics and researchers who have studied the confrontation. To achieve this, data from a number of Malaysian scientists were also sought. Realist and Liberalist theory as well as other relevant theories used in this research as. From the data analysis, the study reveals that geoscientific and geographical aspects are the main causes of the "tidal wave" relationship between the two countries. Moreover, the Melaka border strait has become a “critical point for the two countries, which have overlapping interests so that the Malaysia-Indonesia conflict will continue to exist. Therefore, the most optimal recommendation according to this study is to place the sea boundary in a "Status Quo" position or a "floating" position, but managed jointly through formal and informal approaches for the welfare of both countries. and culture through economic, Islamic, and military diplomacy approaches.


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Malaysia – Indonesia Conflict: In the National Interpretation 1963 – 2010. (2023). Journal of Namibian Studies : History Politics Culture, 33, 1122–1133. https://doi.org/10.59670/jns.v33i.555

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