Yusnadi, Nani Barorah Nasution, Zuraidah Lubis, Kamtini


Intellectual quotient (IQ) is related to intelligence ability which might be used as a basis in measuring level of cognitive and predict learning performances of students. The focus of this study is identifying the relation between Intellectual Quotient (IQ) and academic performances of National Selection to Enter State Universities students. The purposive sampling was conducted to select the sampling. The subject of study includes the Faculty of Education students which are selected through university selection format or National Selection to Enter State Universities (SNMPTN). The quantitative method is conducted by analyzing correlation between Intellectual Quotient students towards university students’ academic performances by using regression analysis. The data were collected by administered questionnaires and Intellectual Quotient (IQ) tests. The questionnaire is administered to collect the information of students’ academic performances including general skill, work attitude, & personality. The psychological tests consist of intelligence test, aptitude test, and interest test, which is administered to collect university students Intellectual Quotient (IQ) ability. The result shows the significance (sig.) value is 0.000 less than the probability value is 0.05. Strengthening the significance values result, the t test shows the t value is 16.180 which is greater than t table 1.665 means the H1 is accepted that students’ academic performances were affected by Intellectual quotient (IQ). In conclusion, the intelligence quotient (IQ) has a great contribution towards SNMPTN students in the Faculty of Education academic performances.


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Intellectual Quotient (IQ) Of National Selection To Enter State Universities (SNMPTN) Towards Academic Performances In Following Lecturing Process. (2023). Journal of Namibian Studies : History Politics Culture, 36, 395-410. https://doi.org/10.59670/jns.v36i.4302

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