Mohamed F. Helaly


The present study examines the existential approach adopted by Nadine Gordimer in portraying the main character in The Pickup. The study seeks to pinpoint that aspect of Nadine Gordimer's writing that is concerned with man's existence and being. It provides an in-depth textual analysis of the novel in question to explore the conflict between society and the individual. Here, the existential approach will be examined in terms of Gordimer's skill to weave the protagonist's prevailing social and cultural circumstances in two different communities in her attempt to come to term with the free choices she makes. The study also aims to go deep into the existential approach adopted by the writer to examine the protagonist’s ability to make existentially free choices and demonstrate full responsibility for the consequences of such decisions. The study seeks to highlight how Julie Summers and Abdu –the two main characters- are portrayed as existential figures through investigating their concepts of self and the different perspective from which each of them looks upon the surrounding community, its values, and social norms.


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