Carlos Jacinto La Rosa Longobardi Livia Cristina Piñas Rivera Lida Violeta Asencios Trujillo Cromancio Felipe Aguirre Chávez Daniel Ramon Chirinos Armas Shaly Fiorela Flores Piñas


The general objective of this research was to determine the relationship between Accreditation and the Deming Cycle in the Faculties of the National University of Education-2022. According to the results obtained through the use of Pearson's R test, it was found that the Accreditation Variable is related to the Deming Cycle Variable (r = 0.62). Therefore, the significance value is equal to 0.000 (p<0.005). This means that there is a direct, moderate and significant relationship between the variables studied. The sample is probabilistic and consisted of 150 teachers. The results obtained were analyzed at the descriptive level, using frequencies and percentages. Likewise, at the inferential level, parametric statistics were used and, therefore, Pearson's R was used, at a level of 0.05. The data are normally distributed. The results also indicate that Accreditation and the Deming Cycle are predominantly expressed at a medium level. Finally, it is shown that there is a direct, high and significant correlation between the variables "Accreditation" and "Deming Cycle".


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