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The Journal of Namibian Studies - History Politics Culture (ISSN online: 2197-5523 - ISSN print: 1863-5954) is published twice a year. All back issues have been digitalised. Subscribers to the online edition will have full archival access to all the Journal’s published articles and reviews as well. 

Individual subscriptions require login to access subscription content. Institutional subscriptions do not require login. The user's domain and/or IP address is used to provide access to subscription content. 

Prices vary according to institutional or individual orders and with respect to orders from and to African countries.

Annual institutional subscriptions: 
online (incl. archival access): 180 €
print only or print and online (incl. archival access): 240 €  

Annual institutional subscriptions to and from Africa: 
online (incl. archival access): 120 €
print only or print and online (incl. archival access): 160 € 

Annual individual subscriptions: 
online (incl. archival access): 50 €
print only or print and online (incl. archival access): 75 €  

Single issues (print):
for institutions: 80 €
for individuals: 35 €

!! Please note: non-institutional orders for subscriptions or single issues can only be accepted if sent directly to the publisher of JNS !!

Address & Payment

Orders may be sent to any bookdealer or directly to the publisher:

Otjivanda Presse.Bochum
In der Mecklenbecke 2
D-44869 Bochum, Germany

Payment is accepted by bank transfer (please ask for account details) or via PayPal to:

For payment by cheque, a supplement of 10 EUR must be added for the arrangement fee charged by the bank.

SERU guidelines

Please note: In the absence of a separate license agreement, JNS follows the SERU guidelines, as published at the NISO SERU website:

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