Víctor Gabriel Avalos Peñafiel Yolanda Patricia Moncayo Sánchez Diego Patricio Vallejo Sánchez Angel Gerardo Castelo Salazar


The financial and commercial education allows a better understanding of the technical tools that favors informal decision making, the development of savings habits and expense planning. This research aims to promote the necessary conditions to increase the levels of financial education in order to improve the management of resources, generating favorable conditions of products and marketing processes that contribute to the productive growth of merchants in the San Pedro de Riobamba Agricultural Producers Market. The methodology is developed with a qualitative and quantitative approach, with a sample size of 195 surveys to obtain results on the degree of financial knowledge of the merchants of the San Pedro de Riobamba Agricultural Producers Market. The results and findings obtained showed that the management of finances is done empirically demonstrating a lack of technical analysis that contributes to the efficient management of finances, generating a scarce financial culture. The relevant conclusions of this research indicate that the needs in terms of Financial Education are essential to improve productivity, profitability and motivate the active participation of processes of transfer of fundamental knowledge of finance.


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