Xuefeng Hu Rosjana Chandhasa


In the Ming dynasty and qing dynasty furniture design of the main dimensions are analysis, studied the design scope of 5 furniture styles in Ming Dynasty and 5 furniture styles in Qing Dynasty, discusses the reflect practical, the concept of functional and aesthetic problems. Using qualitative research, descriptive research, analysis of the content.
The results show that the concept of furniture in Ming Dynasty design is conceptually analysis, reflecting the philosophy of ancient Chinese culture, the physical properties of materials are human media, and the practical essence is simple shapes. Sturdy and durable furniture is a versatile function of furniture, the use of furniture comfort is not ergonomic, but reflects the aesthetic side. The elegant style and smooth lines, combined with the harmonious balance of curves and straight lines through the connection of carving and assembly, accentuate the unique shapes and delicate structures that accentuate the aesthetics of the furniture and the surface of the material. This paper analyzes the design style of furniture in Qing Dynasty conceptually and puts forward the concept of aesthetics and symbolic meaning which reflect the characteristics of ancient Chinese culture. In terms of ease of use, the design focuses on size and ergonomic curves, with an aesthetic influenced by the Ming Dynasty. Such as marble pearl decoration, latex coating, etc. Ming and Qing furniture not only influenced culture and art, but also the understanding of the structural level of furniture, which is the basis of modern furniture structure and will bring greater aesthetic value.


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The study of Ming and Qing Dynasty Furniture Styles using Analysis the Principles of Furniture Design. (2023). Journal of Namibian Studies : History Politics Culture, 33, 1531–1548. https://doi.org/10.59670/jns.v33i.578

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