Furtasan Ali Yusuf M. Syadeli Hanafi John Pahamzah


The aims of the research is to find out the strategies in teaching reading for early grade students in primary school in reading Serang City Banten Indonesia. The strategies are determined from the results of the study using the instruments of Early Grade Reading Assessment (EGRA). The researchers used the quantitative research method by implementing the survey research design. The authors describe the obtained results of the student’s skill in reading components. As an example, we illustrate the proposed technique of teaching reading for primary school students. Our method allows to improve the student's reading ability is moderate; the children are less able to recognize; the meaningless word is still hard to be spelled; the students can understand the story well. The new strategies effectiveness evaluation is confirmed by the calculation the students recognize letters with a low reading speed about 2.02 minutes for 100 letters. The ability to read meaningful 32 words in 3 minutes, but the ability in reading a meaningless, the students got difficult 20 words in 3 minutes. The students reading in general are good with 88 percent, only a few students cannot read the text. The students can tell the contents of the reading by listening the story and retelling the story given orally in 80 percent. For the conclusion and the research results, the significance of this research is the stake holders of the education, both teachers and students in teaching and learning reading in primary school level. The newest ideas of this contribution is the initial efforts to teaching reading by determining students level of reading skill and decided the text leveling and facing and having treatment of the students classification nor only for the students that have already master the reading but also for the middle and lower skill students in reading by having various method of teaching reading such as reading aloud, reading together, and guiding reading. And providing various reading sources beside textbooks.


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Egra on Primary School in Serang City Banten; Strategies in Teaching Reading for Early Grade. (2023). Journal of Namibian Studies : History Politics Culture, 33, 1157–1167. https://doi.org/10.59670/jns.v33i.557

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