Afnibar Afnibar Ahmad Putra Dyla Fajhriani Aulia Rahmi Maulana Andinata Dalimunthe


The anxiety and worriness are experienced by most of the parents who stay in distance with their children due to corona virus disease pandemic (covid-19). The anxiety and worriness can cause irrational behavior, such as: frequently crying, restless, moody, and lost appetite. This situation is keep going on even though their children have given news that they are just doing well. This research discusses about the implementation of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) to overcome anxiety and negative thinking toward parents whose children are living in the area which vulnerablea to covid-19. REBT therapy implementation with tawakkal concept elaboration is aimed to improve an individual point of view toward problem encountered. This is an action research. The researchers provide therapy toward three parents who live far away from their children in which those children cannot return home yet due to covid-19. Those parents live in Kampung Karang Tangah Pesisir Selatan West Sumatera. There are 3 stages in this research: (a) empathy with client condition; (b) provide catharsis nuance; (c) ask the client to fight against the negative feeling; (d) provide suggestion through tawakkal concept; and (e) contract making. The research result revealed that clients started to realize that their action is not appropriate since it solves nothing. Hence, the implementation of REBT concept which combined with obedience concept may change clients’ point of view toward their problems as the impact of covid-19.


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Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) And Tawakkal Concept Elaboration To Encounter Anxiety As The Impact of COVID-19. (2023). Journal of Namibian Studies : History Politics Culture, 33, 956–977. https://doi.org/10.59670/jns.v33i.495

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