Solomon Tesfaye Telila Rashmi Kapoor


Ethiopia, a country known for its hospitality and compassion, has been a haven for thousands of refugees escaping violence, conflict, and persecution in their homelands. Over the years, countless refugees have sought refuge within its borders. The Comprehensive Refugee Response Framework (CRRF) was introduced as an innovative approach to address the complex needs of refugees. The Ethiopian model of CRRF is not only attempting to facilitate self-reliance of refugees along with the humanitarian assistance but is also trying for the peaceful coexistence of the hosts and the refugees. There are equally high numbers of women refugees in Ethiopia. Women refugees face unique challenges and vulnerabilities that necessitate specialised attention and support. Their plight highlights the urgent need for an effective framework to address their unique challenges and protect their rights. To address their specific needs, the Ethiopian approach has embraced gender mainstreaming and made it integral to the CRRF. The article analyses the uniqueness of the Ethiopian model of the CRRF and critically assess the effectiveness of the CRRF in addressing the needs of the refugees and especially women refugees.


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Response Mechanism For Women Refugees In The Comprehensive Refugee Response Framework In Ethiopia. (2023). Journal of Namibian Studies : History Politics Culture, 35, 1739-1759. https://doi.org/10.59670/jns.v35i.3853

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